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Still making changes to the website.  As per discussion at the Meetup Group – San Antonio Online Marketing Group,  I’m moving the blog to its own page. Front page will be an introduction to the business.

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The Coolness of InfoGraphics

On this Smashing Magazine post, Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez explains that in the effort to visualize hard data, web designers have created Info-graphics.  Such Info-graphics can be used to give data the ‘coolness’ factor.  But, she argues that the graphics themselves can be deceiving and sometimes incomprehensible.

Here is the blog post.

I remember visiting the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park museum and there was an excellent wall graphic that depicted the number of casualties on both sides during three days of fighting.  The answer is between 46,000 and 51,000 soldiers.  The graph was depicted as a group of icons, each one shaped like a silhouette of a marching soldier.  Each icon represented a company of about 50 men.  The total number of soldier icons on the graph gave a realism to the number that the number alone could not convey.



I am a Web Developer trained to create and manage websites with Dreamweaver. I am also an Artist with experience in creating caricatures for live subjects. I combine my creative skills with over 15 years of experience as a Computer Support Specialist to find creative solutions to technical problems.

My Specialties

Web Development, Software Development, Caricature Sketch Artist, Team Leadership, Helpdesk Support, Computer Skills Trainer